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The Beatles to Bee Gees - Leon’s Story Part 3

July 25, 2021

The Beatles to Bee Gees - Leon's Story Part 3

Long before social media, The Rajahs fame blew up literally overnight. If there was a Twitter in the 1960's #THERAJAHS would have been sure to be trending in the 'twitter-verse'. The Rajahs had already achieved plenty of success as Dig Richards and the R'Jays, however, when Dig went solo, they changed their name from to The Rajahs and it was the start of an amazing musical journey.

Via a 'throw-away' recording session, The Rajahs became known as the "Australian Beatles" and "filled in" for the Fab Four, giving Aussie teenagers their fix of Beatlemania before the real thing arrived on our shores.

As the resident recording band with the famed Festival Records, The Rajahs have probably appeared on more singles and albums than just about any other Australian band, such was their recording output. They also had the prestigious job as Johnny O'Keefes backing band for several years. The Rajahs were the first Australian band to headed to the Vietnam War and perform for the troops. For New Years Eve in 1966, The Rajahs even replaced Bob Hope to perform for 5000 troops aboard the American battleship, the US Kittyhawk.

I speak with The Rajahs drummer Leon Isackson about his 60 year career in the world of Rock 'n' Roll.  

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